• 20

    Dogs Poisoned

  • 3

    Dog Deaths 15%

  • 31

    Cats Poisoned

  • 3

    Cat Deaths 10%

Danger Level

The current danger level for tick poisoning is moderate. January has been quite quiet so far. Figures are as of August 1st. The colour of this box represents the danger level

Green Very Low

Blue Low

Yellow Moderate

Red High

Tick Tool Box

Click upon this link to see our current preventative recommendations and approach to keeping you pets safe during tick seasons

2016-17 review

This tick season continues to show a downward trend by 35% on last year which is good news. Total tick poisonings treated were 66 cases [42 cats, 24 dogs] compare this to last year 101 [56 cats, 45 dogs]. Note how the dog figures were most reduced. Of the poisonings 13 died (compare to last year where 12 died). This year the death rate was 20% while last year it was 11.9% suggesting a more toxic tick. In previous years we would quote that about 6% of poisonings will die even when treated, the new figure is much higher. It is my belief that this reflects that most poisonings are coming in more severely affected, and less severely affected numbers are down