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At Seaforth we pride ourselves in our level of instrumentation, allowing for more rapid diagnosis without the inconvenience of unnecessary referrals

We have 3 spacious well equipped consult suites. Consults consists of a Physical Examination and History taking. These are paramount to any diagnosis. At SVH we allot 15 min for the typical consult. Ill animals and new puppies often receive up to 30-45 min at no additional cost. All surgical cases beyond desexing receive a discharge consult with a veterinarian in order to explain after care, pain relief, nutrition, any drugs and will organize a revisit. We have a computerized system that allows consult reports to be e-mailed to clients or specialists. We also have an infinite capacity for reminders be they for vaccination, when your next appointment is due, when follow up bloods are recommended. We have an extensively stocked pharmacy and access to tailored patient medical preparations through BOVA , Compounding4Vets and other compounding chemists. Chemotherapy is supplied through Baxters, who supply chemo drugs to all the major human hospitals in Australia

In the upper part of the building is located our dedicated pathology suite housing the latest in blood pathology equipment. We can perform a full blood count in 3 min, and full biochemical profiles in 15 min. We have rapid glucometer for the diabetic patient, giving results within 5 sec! Think of us next time you have to wait a week for your own blood results from your GP! Down stairs we have additional rapid turn about equipment for common monitoring. In addition we perform microscopic examination of smears and other tissue samples. We have access to all available testing procedures in Australia through Idexx Pathology who collect sample twice daily and offer an emergency service for the critically ill

We have full in-house services for rapid turn around, having recently undergone a $90K upgrade. Be it simple x rays to more complex contrast studies we do it all. Our digital x ray equipment allows us to view x rays within 5 seconds of taking them! Clients receive a USB stick copy of all x rays taken allowing them to be viewed at home or by a specialist

X rays do not image the bodies soft tissues well. This is where ultrasound takes over. It can be use for simple pregnancy diagnosis to more complex analysis of heart function, liver, kidney, bladder and many other diseases. It also allows none invasive collection of tissue samples. All our ultrasounds are performed by a visiting specilaist that can be organised Monday to Friday

The heart can be viewed anatomically using x rays and ultrasound. But the physiology of the heart can only be examined by looking at its electrical activity. An ECG permits this and offers the veterinarian more accurate treatment options for this important organ of the body. We have a state of the art ECG machine which allows us to capture, measure and analyses tracings on the PC for storage / referral and and rapid diagnosis

This is the ideal method for imaging much of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. It not only allows accurate and rapid diagnosis it also offers a way of treating your pet none invasively, saving on the pain of surgery, time and ultimately cost to you. e.g. the removal of foreign bodies ingested. We have one standard flexible endoscope used for the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract and two rigid endoscopes for rhinoscopy and feline upper respiratory tract visualisation

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