Consent and S4 drug supply

The Consent Form

The Anaesthetic Procedural Consent Form

Any client having an animal admitted to Seaforth Veterinary Hospital for any procedure requiring an anaesthetic, must complete a consent form
This form

Highlights the fact that an anaesthetic is to be administered

That a certain procedure, often surgical, has to be carried out

Allows the client to obtain an estimate if one has not yet been offered

Allows for the gathering of urgent contact information should it be required

Offers ancillary procedures recommended to ensure the anaesthetic procedure will be as safe as possible eg pre GA bloods, surgical fluids

There are no exceptions to this

If a consent form is not completed then we are not allowed administer the anaesthetic

On the Supply of Prescription Only Medicines

We can only supply prescription (S4) drugs to registered clients

We can supply S4’s to non-registered clients, but only with the consent of their registered veterinarian. We will need their contact details and we need to speak to them first

The supply of S4 drugs must first be okayed by all staff with a veterinary surgeon before the order can be completed

If the order cannot be completed (e.g. because the vet wishes to re-examine the animal first), then you will be notified either by phone or e-mail

On the Supply of Scripts

We only ever write scripts for human medicines we do not stock. We do not write scripts for animal use only veterinary medicines.

Please read our detailed article on this subject by

clicking here

On prescribing prednisolone

Dogs with itchy skin are often prescribed Prednisolone. This is an S4 drug. As vets we frown upon chronic Prednisolone dosing for a whole raft of reasons. We will re-supply them only if we think it is warranted and only after the animal’s record has been consulted. If the veterinarian has any doubts about re-supplying this drug they may request to see your pet first. This is done in strict concern for your pet’s health and well being. Please do not get annoyed with our receptionists if they are simply carrying out the legal demands of our profession