Surgical Preparation

Preparing for the big day

Preparing your pet for surgery

If your pet is coming to SVH for surgery we ask that you

Do not feed it from 8pm thstaff.e night before

Offering water overnight is fine but you must remove the water bowl first thing in the morning

Encourage your dog to go to toilet before admission as this just makes everything a lot cleaner for pet and nurse

Drop your pet off at reception at the specified time

These days we try to specify an admission time between 8-9am, the exact time will be specified when the booking is made

Allow 10 min's for the admission procedure, as you will be required to answer a number of questions relating to recent health and also

Reception or nursing staff will discuss the issue of pre anaesthetic blood screening and intraoperative iv fluids. Both of these are strongly encouraged for safety reasons

You will be required to give separate written consent for this

If you do not have an estimate now is the time to request one. We may have to call you back once the vet concerned has produced a realistic estimate

When all has been discussed you are be required to sign a consent form, this requires an adult over 18 yo

Rabbits, guinea pigs and birds are exempt from the above feeding / watering requirements

Please note that correct admission makes everything much safer for your beloved pet, so please do be patient at drop. It can be a very busy time of day for our reception

pre anaesthetic bloods and anaesthetic iv fluid